Welcome to Homestead Story and thanks for visiting. Our names are Peter and Kristen and we grew up on the same street in Baltimore, Maryland. We were married in 2006 and we bought our first home across town where we began raising our four boys (who all came very quickly). Our plan was to stay there our whole lives and grow old in that house yet we were  growing more and more unsatisfied with the world around us and there became an ache in our hearts for something more. We had no experience, knowledge or even interest in homesteading or farming until about three years ago when we decided to plant a few fruit trees. One thing led to another and now we are living on a ten acre farm. As any homesteader can understand, our family grew in the blink of an eye and now includes a dairy cow, a beef cow, 24 chickens, two dogs and two cats. We have also planted countless fruits, vegetables and herbs and we are working hard to build a family culture that respects life from the soil up.